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My daughter, who is 9 years old and a beginning guitar student, been taking guitar lessons with Gerry.  He is a wonderful teacher. He is taking an instrument that is very difficult to learn and he is able to make is fun for the child.   He is very thorough in his lessons, yet he balances the necessary things the child needs to learn with their development and abilities. Gerry is very patient and very dedicated. He has spent time over the alloted lesson time to show my daughter new things.  My daughter enjoys her lessons and is excited to learn. Audrey Amir

Thanks a bunch for the advice. you have been a great teacher. I'm loving guitar so thank you for being so patient with me. I think I'm starting to get the chords down. I'm still practicing all the other things you taught me, not just the chords. I cant wait until next week. see you then, I'll be practicing.         June

You are a great teacher. Thanks for everything. -Mark

I’ve been taking guitar lessons with Gerry for about 4 months now and I’ve learned several different skills. Each lesson puts me closer to mastering the guitar. The way Gerry teaches is very helpful and effective. He teaches me the skills and then puts me in the spotlight to reflect what I’ve learned. Each time, after he teaches me certain techniques, he makes me play a solo. Soloing is what I am trying to perfect. Gerry also does something very unique that many other teachers probably wouldn’t spend time to do. He actually takes the time to email his students news and tips on how to find time to practice and improve their skills. He also shares his thoughts on how music can help you relax and calm down after having a bad day or feeling blue. This is something that shows he cares about his students. He is a great teacher. Gerry Rocks! Jeffrey P.

Although I am a new student, I have enjoyed the lessons I have had to date. When you are teaching, you give a full explanation of what you are actually trying to get across to the student. I feel that you don't waste time as many other teachers do; lesson time is filled with instructional details, background information, and demonstration,. To top it all off, you make it fun to learn. Joe S.

As a guitar player, I think that both learning and playing the guitar is a thrill. My teacher, Gerry is not too hard on me and he is very talented with the guitar. I practice a lot and every time I practice I get a little better. I always pay attention when Gerry says not to spend too much time with video games since I play them a lot. I was inspired to play the guitar by artists such as Ozzy Osborne and Roger Waters. When I listen to music I pay close attention to the guitar players. One day I hope to start my own band! Nick W.

this is the first time i ever took guitar lessons and it's really cool. how do you know how to play the guitar really well like you do? if you could would you be a rock star or a guitar teacher? do you teach all students in one day if you do you get tired when your done with all the kids? that's it. nia

Hi Gerry, Again, you are an amazing teacher too.Regards,Paddu.