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Program #1 - 5 lessons paid up front and in full

6th lesson FREE. Total $240 divided by 6 lessons

= $40.00 per lesson.


Program #2 - 10 lessons paid up front and in full 11th and 12th

lesson FREE

Total $450 divided by 12

lessons = $37.50 per lesson.


Important - Makeups will be given for programs #1 and #2.

however, makeups must be taken within 1 month of cancellation.

Missed Lessons with no communication from you will expire after one months time.


Most establishments charge between $120 - $150 for 4 half hour monthly sessions. That's $60-$75 per hour. And most likely, the skill level of playing or teaching of the person you might get stuck with is far below of what it should be. This has been my experience with most teachers I have worked with in the past.

IMPORTANT* Please give at least 24 hours notice if you can't make a lesson. I will have to charge for a lesson otherwise. My time is valuable as is yours. So please be courteous and give me ample time to adjust my schedule.

See the Testimonial section for just a few of the responses I have received.