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About me

· Playing guitar for over 25+ years.
· Studied with fusion guitarist John Benthal
· Studied with fusion guitarist Glenn Alexander
· Studied briefly with Symphony X guitarist Mike Romeo.
· Studied with blues guitarist Ken Dubman.
· Studied with bassist Dave Larue of the Dregs
· Studied with bassist Joe Macaro
· Was bass player in a top 40 cover band.
· Was lead guitarist and keyboard player in R&B band.
· Was bass player in a country cover band.
· Recorded guitar tracks on 4 albums (uncredited).
· I teach students from 6 years old to 56 years old.
· I teach in a manner that is fun for the student so the possibility of long term study is possible.
· Taught a number of friends and family members guitar over the years.
· I have an extensive library of music books, methods and audio and video training materials.
· I have a good understanding of how to teach and the fundamentals that should be included in lessons.
· I have patience and really enjoy teaching young and inexperienced students.